Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Super Weekend List

I was initially going to detail our trip to New Orleans by each day...but that took soo long. And I was adding some very boring details that I'm sure no one really needed to know. So now I'm going to write about the top experiences while we were down there. That way I only will have to tell you the cool, fun stuff and not the weird, boring stuff.
  1. Seeing Joe for the first time that weekend!!! We had arrived into Nola roughly an hour before, Alli and I were all unpacked and bored. We decided to head over to the Marriott (where the team was staying) and check out the NFL shop there. We had gotten a swag bag in our hotel room and had a gift card to the that was the reason for the visit (still can't get away from the boring details...sorry). As we were walking over, we ran into dad and he joined us. We had recently learned that Joe was just finishing up practice and was going to be at the hotel within the hour. Not expecting to see him, we went to the bar and ordered a few cocktails. After paying for the drinks, all this commotion was happening at the front door. It was the team arriving! We ran up to the front and were able to flag Joe down...and was immediately surrounded by a ton of 49ers fans. But it was still nice to see Joe.
  2. Welcome party!!! Thursday night after arriving into Nola, there was a players party that the friends and family were invited to. My uncles, aunts, and Scotty had yet to arrive, but my family, Joes's girlfriend Carrie and her family, and Joe's best buds Kyle and Craig we in town and able to go. I was not at all prepared for what was in store for us. After getting our passes, we were ushered upstairs to this great room. Before we could enter, there was a long line of party favors that included red feather boas, mardi gras masks, and something else but I forgot what it was. Once we entered the room, it was like we were transported to another building. There was a wonderful jazz band playing at the far end, men on stilts throwing beads, a go go dancer on the bar, food and drinks everywhere, and a massive dance floor. It was basically the foundations for the biggest party I had ever been to. Needless to say, our entire group thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...with the entire 49ers football team. There are pictures, but I don't know if I want anyone to see them.
  3. I have evil parents. We did not get home from the players party until 2am the night before, and my parents were up at 6am. Not only were they up and making a racket, they forced Alli and I to join them to Cafe Du Monde saying it was the only time they would go this trip (which turned out to be a lie). Miserably walking down to that wonderful little bakery, we stumble upon the news desks for ESPN, Mike &Mike show, and the Today Show.anyone that remotely knows my family, knows that we have little to no shame when it comes to making others laugh. Saying that, my dad managed to pull off the most awkward video bomb behind Drew Brees. If anyone was watching random ESPN coverage at 6:30am on Friday morning MIGHT have seen him. Consider yourself lucky. Afterwards we finished the quick walk to Cafe Du Monde and completely overindulged on beignets. (Side-note, my parents are actually wonderful, they should just know better than to wake us up before 9am)
  4. Bourbon Street. In all honestly, I don't remember much from this night. There is video evidence of some dancing on stage, and I do remember throwing beads from the balconies. I do know that I spent all my money that night, got a cool flashing ring, danced my booty off, and had an amazingly great time. However, I am quite certain I wouldn't be able to survive another trip down that street. So much everything.
  5. Practice walk thru at the Super Dome. It was so nice to get to see Joe one last time before the game, but I'm sure that everyone in our group was starting to feel the effects of the weekend. They had about a 20 minute practice where every single one of those players were showing off for their families. After that, we were able to go down on the field and hang out with everyone for roughly a half hour. Oh! I forgot, we also got a police escort to the stadium! It was so weird, but so cool!
  6. Game day!!! We had a wonderful brunch provided by the York family at the Marriott, then made our way to the stadium. By this point, we all were feeling the pressure of the game. We tailgates for a while, then made our way in. You guys probably all saw the I won't go into detail about it. Beyonce was cool, the blackout was super freaky, and in the 4th quarter I barfed from nerves. Then cried like a baby at the end.
  7. After party!!! After the game, we went to the Marriott to meet up with Joe and figure out what to do. We were informed that there was a party for the players if they wanted to go, just down the road. Not thinking it was going to be anything more than some food and drinks, we were all pretty low when we arrived...not because of the party, because of the game. After getting some food, mom, Alli and I went searching for seats. We ambled upstairs to find leather couches with tables with bottle service. Naturally we freaked out and went to get everyone else. Our group of 10ish got settled in. By that time, most of the players and their families had heard about our secret spot and a little party was forming. Out of nowhere, we hear this announcer exclaim that The Roots were taking the stage!! Wale followed suit, then Snoop Dog!! It was so fun! There was maybe 500 people tops at this party. We saw Guy from diners, drive-ins, and dives, and I got to talk to the guitar player of The Roots for a bit! It was crazy!!!
So the was a little run down of the trip. Feel free to ask me about any of the following events. I could have added way more, but I got tired of writing..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap blog

Ahh. Oops I forgot that I have a blog.
Won't happen again....maybe.
Yesterday was leap year Happeneds once every four years.
I learned that in elementary school.
So guess what I did to celebrate?
Did I leap? Nope.
Did I start dating a boy so that our anniversary would come once every four years? Nuh huh
Did I have a baby? Nooooo

I went and saw an ice skating program. For young ice skaters. With friends that don't have kids.
It was adorable.

Yep, my life is still a little bit too boring to have a blog.

Friday, September 23, 2011

i met some sort of famous people last night

I have met some flippen awesome people since I've lived in Sheridan.
That is obvious...otherwise I probably wouldn't STILL live here.
ANYWAY...Last night I went to a little shindig for a man named Tom Balding
He makes bits and spurs. Which is cool...if you need bits and spurs.

The reason for his little party was because the Discovery Channel wanted to put him on their show 'How it's Made'.
While I think Tom is a cool dude, I was SUPER pumped to go to his party because I got to meet the CAST AND CREW of that show!
So pumped that I couldn't even muster enough courage to talk to them when I finally saw them.

It was so bad, that at one point during the night I ended up staring at them for a good 5 minutes straight.

At the very end of the night, right before I left, in the 11th hour, I basically ran up to them, with my hand extended and said "I'm ANDREA and you guys ROCK!!!!"
Which I don't think they totally understood....because they ended up being french Canadian with very strong accents...
Oh well.

I have a freakish addiction to the Discovery Channel.
If you are reading this blog, you probably already know that about me.
And you also know that I have a 'famous' brother...and I have met some of his 'famous' friends.
So you are probably wondering why I get so crazy about meeting the cast and crew of the Discovery Channel.
Your guess is as good as mine.
I even got it in my head that I was somehow going to marry one of them. Yes, I am a typical girl and for some reason when I meet a very cool dude, my mind goes straight to marriage. The funny thing is, I don't even want to get married. Well not yet at least.
Anyway...that was a cool night last night.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

indian summer

I've heard rumors that it is cold in my native land....of Michigan.
Well sorry Michiganders.
It is still hot in Wyoming.

Very hot.
Like 90 degrees hot.

I work at a Starbuxx which is usually pretty awesome.
But not when you have to be perky and happy all the time.
And talk about the weather.
And how awesome it is that it is still SO FRICKEN HOT!

This is basically everyone's reaction in Wyoming.

I do not share the same love of the heat.
Actually I hate it a little bit.
Michigan experiences all 4 seasons pretty equally.
3 months summer
2 months fall
5 months winter
and 2 months spring.

Not in Wyoming.
It's like 30 months summer...
30 months winter.

I know how weird I sound actually WANTING winter to come, because it will last forever too.
But right now, this is how I feel.

I love the holidays....they happen in winter.
I love wearing fall and winter clothes, because they are cool.
I am seriously running out of things to wear because all my summer clothes are cheap and flimsy.
I am tired of sweating...for no 8 o'clock at night.

I am a whiny baby, I know this.
But I am NOT a fan of Indian summers.
In Wyoming.
At least an Indian Summer in Michigan includes cool color changing leaves.
Wyoming either has green, brown or yellow leaves...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have terrible artistic abilities.
One time at work my friend Giesella and I drew horses.
Mine looked like this.

Hers looked like this.

Guess who won.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

car dance haze

If you want to be embarrassed, hang out with me.
I have no filter when it comes to embarrassing situations. I actually tend to enhance them.

So on Tuesday I went to Billings, MT to go shopping with my friend Cassie.
This story has nothing to do with shopping.
It DOES have something to do with my extreme car dancing skills.

We were driving around, going to our next shopping destination...and Don't Lose My Number by Phil Collins came on. Go, listen to that song right now. Imagine unexpectedly hearing it in your car. Now try to NOT dance to it.
Impossible, I know.
Because I am sadly heavily influenced by pop culture, I always try to somehow incorporate fist pumping into my dance moves (thank you Jersey Shore). I know I am supposed to fist pump like this, but I usually fist pump like this.

So I am fist pumping away, when I roll up to a stop light.
When I car dance, all other outside surroundings get a little fuzzy.
So when Cassie yells at me to "be cool", I think she is telling me to "make it cool".
Naturally I amp up my fist pumping to an even 'cooler' degree. By involving my entire upper body.

If I had been a normal person, I would have easily noticed that directly across the street was an entire construction crew. With about 20 members, all watching me fist pump like my life depended on it.
Bless Cassie's little heart, she knew I was too far gone to fight my fist pumping spree.
She let me figure out for myself that I was looking like a complete idiot.
After a good minute, I come out of my haze and exclaim, "Oh! you mean because of the boys".
And I abruptly end my awesome dance, and start fussing with my hair.

I think the construction workers should have clapped. Seriously, it was pretty cool looking.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tweens.....the idiot age

I will rant to you all today....all of my three followers.
I do not like tweens.
I don't think I even liked myself when I was a tween.
They are soooo annoying.

Example #1: I am at Starbucks using the free wifi (yes I go to Starbucks when I am not working....I have no life). And there are little tweens sitting behind me. I hate it when tweens sit behind me.....hahahaha jk. That's not why I don't like them. I don't like them because they are idiot eavesdroppers. I was talking to one of my fellow co-workers. I had mentioned to her that I was not yet friends with her on facebook (geez I sound like a tween) and one of the stupid idiot tweens goes "What's your name?! I'll add you on facebook!" I mumble something like "no....hahaha jk. But seriously, no". Then that idiot tween goes on for 5 minutes about how I should 'TOTALLY' add her.

Example #2: They sometimes don't shower as regularly as they should. Please, for the love of God, if you can smell your own B.O......shower.

Example#3: They don't now how to swear properly. The tweens behind me are dropping all kinds of swears for no reason. "I was walking into damn Walmart to get my douchebag toothbrush" are you even saying? I don't understand any of that.

Example#4: They make some of my guilty pleasure bands really embarrassing. I can no longer admit that I like the Jo Bros or Miley Cyrus. .....Not that I like them.

Example#5: They understand twitter...and I don't.

That's all for now.....feel free to comment why you hate tweens.
They are more annoying than old people. That's for damn sure.