Valentine's Day....because, February

I have really uninteresting opinions about this specific holiday. I like it and hate it all at once. It's very confusing.

Valentine's Day pros:

Chocolate everything. I'm not a huge chocolate person, but if you want to feed me chocolate covered raisins/peanut butter/strawberries/bread, I probably will put it in my mouth.It's on a Wednesday this year. Hump day. Beautiful.I get to buy cheesy valentines for my friends and family. It's not like I can find WWE related stationary at Walgreens all year round. I have to take advantage while I can. Gives you a reason to get a skanky hotel room with a hot tub in it. Never did that, but it sounds awesome. I like making a big deal about dumb stuff...especially if it gives me a reason to drink prosecco with frozen berries in it.  Valentine's Day cons: For some reason, I am convinced I will receive an enormous edible arrangement. This has yet to happen. I'm not sure I even want it to, but there you go.Break-ups before Valen…

hey there 2018

I'm back bitches. Too bad technology has gotten too advanced to allow for my paint program drawings now. Dang, those were fun to make. And incredibly time consuming.
New things that have happened since 2014 or 2015...aka my last post:

I am 31 now and officially not a hot mess, more like a room temperature mess that goes to bed at a reasonable hour now. I have nieces and they rule. Mostly because they are just as crazy and just as funny as expected. But honestly, I would say that anyway even if they weren't (but they are) because I love them so much.I bought a house, got a puppy, and started a job all in the same month one time. That was not the greatest idea I ever had but it all worked out. I sold my house, quit my job, moved to a new state, and started a new job all in a month. Turns out it wasn't as stressful as it should have been. I once become pretty good at yoga, then my mom stopped teaching classes and I didn't want to have to pay for yoga so I stopped too. But …

The Super Weekend List

I was initially going to detail our trip to New Orleans by each day...but that took soo long. And I was adding some very boring details that I'm sure no one really needed to know. So now I'm going to write about the top experiences while we were down there. That way I only will have to tell you the cool, fun stuff and not the weird, boring stuff.
Seeing Joe for the first time that weekend!!! We had arrived into Nola roughly an hour before, Alli and I were all unpacked and bored. We decided to head over to the Marriott (where the team was staying) and check out the NFL shop there. We had gotten a swag bag in our hotel room and had a gift card to the that was the reason for the visit (still can't get away from the boring details...sorry). As we were walking over, we ran into dad and he joined us. We had recently learned that Joe was just finishing up practice and was going to be at the hotel within the hour. Not expecting to see him, we went to the bar and ordered …

Leap blog

Ahh. Oops I forgot that I have a blog.Won't happen again....maybe. Yesterday was leap year Happeneds once every four years. I learned that in elementary school. So guess what I did to celebrate? Did I leap? Nope. Did I start dating a boy so that our anniversary would come once every four years? Nuh huh Did I have a baby? Nooooo

I went and saw an ice skating program. For young ice skaters. With friends that don't have kids. It was adorable.

Yep, my life is still a little bit too boring to have a blog.

i met some sort of famous people last night

I have met some flippen awesome people since I've lived in Sheridan.
That is obvious...otherwise I probably wouldn't STILL live here.
ANYWAY...Last night I went to a little shindig for a man named Tom Balding
He makes bits and spurs. Which is cool...if you need bits and spurs.

The reason for his little party was because the Discovery Channel wanted to put him on their show 'How it's Made'.
While I think Tom is a cool dude, I was SUPER pumped to go to his party because I got to meet the CAST AND CREW of that show!
So pumped that I couldn't even muster enough courage to talk to them when I finally saw them.

It was so bad, that at one point during the night I ended up staring at them for a good 5 minutes straight.

At the very end of the night, right before I left, in the 11th hour, I basically ran up to them, with my hand extended and said "I'm ANDREA and you guys ROCK!!!!"
Which I don't think they totally understood....because they ended up being french …

indian summer

I've heard rumors that it is cold in my native land....of Michigan.
Well sorry Michiganders.
It is still hot in Wyoming.

Very hot.
Like 90 degrees hot.

I work at a Starbuxx which is usually pretty awesome.
But not when you have to be perky and happy all the time.
And talk about the weather.
And how awesome it is that it is still SO FRICKEN HOT!

This is basically everyone's reaction in Wyoming.

I do not share the same love of the heat.
Actually I hate it a little bit.
Michigan experiences all 4 seasons pretty equally.
3 months summer
2 months fall
5 months winter
and 2 months spring.

Not in Wyoming.
It's like 30 months summer...
30 months winter.

I know how weird I sound actually WANTING winter to come, because it will last forever too.
But right now, this is how I feel.

I love the holidays....they happen in winter.
I love wearing fall and winter clothes, because they are cool.
I am seriously running out of things to wear because all my summer clothes are cheap and flimsy.


I have terrible artistic abilities.
One time at work my friend Giesella and I drew horses.
Mine looked like this.

Hers looked like this.

Guess who won.